Welcome to HK Works

Welcome to HK Works

This is a quick guide on what to do and how to get working at your new office at HK Works. If you have any issues, please call 6919-7257 or email [email protected] or talk to one of our staff.


  • Select “HK Works” on your device in the available wireless networks.
  • Enter the password “hkworks2020”.



In order to print, you must first install the driver for your computer. To do this, please follow the directions below. If you have any problems, a member of our staff will be able to assist.

Download driver (MAC)
Download installation instructions (MAC)

Download driver (PC)
Download installation instructions (PC)

After pressing “Print” on your computer, you have to use your key-card to authorise the job and enable printing. Please remember to logout after you finish.

Copier/printer allowance as per your contract agreement. After this, you will be billed:

  • Black & White – photocopy/printing = $0.30/side
  • Colour photocopy/printing = $1.50/side

Access to HK Works

The main entrance to Derrick Industrial Building on level G (Wong Chuk Hang Road) is open from 7am – 6:45pm Monday to Saturday. Outside of these times you can access the building via the carpark entrance on level UG (Tong Bin Lane). Access to HK Works is available 24/7 with your key-card.

Meeting Room

Due to a lack of interest, the meeting room has been converted back to a private office. If you have need of an extra room on a short-term basis, please get in touch with us directly.


Nespresso capsules are available for purchase at $50/sleeve (10 capsules per sleeve). Please contact us to purchase one.

Instant coffee and tea is provided free of charge, and water is available through the filtered tap.

Plates, glasses, mugs and cutlery are available for the community to use. We ask you to simple rinse these after use and leave in the sink.

In general, please keep the shared spaces neat and tidy. If you notice any maintenance issues, do bring it to our attention.

Best wishes for a productive day!